Lenovo ThinkCentre A61 Application & Driver Updates For Windows 98

We posted almost all Lenovo ThinkCentre A61 Application & Updates For Windows 98 driver & application updates here, when you visit the driver download page, the download will start quickly in certain seconds or you can actually click to download it manually. For our experience, some drivers of Lenovo ThinkCentre A61 Application & Updates For Windows 98 for instance audio, graphics controller or wireless adapter, you must install it manually for the default driver in OS will not perform well doubtless.

Firmware & BIOS

Subject System Size
Firmware update for TS-H653A CD-RW/DVD Version: LX02 Multi OS 1.15MB Download: 98843
Flash BIOS update (diskette version) Version: 2UKT60A Multi OS 1MB Download: 98798
Flash BIOS update (CD ISO image version) Version: 2UKT60A Multi OS 2.45MB Download: 98792
Flash BIOS update (Flash from operating system version) Version: 2UKT60A Multi OS 1.19MB Download: 98786


Subject System Size
Multimedia Center for Think Offerings Update Only for Media Player 11 incompatibility Version: ch01az00ibua Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows 98 126.95MB Download: 99068
rapidboot web release (.exe) Version: 1.0 Multi OS 5.51MB Download: 99065
InterVideo WinDVD Creator Update Version: Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 2000,Windows 98 162.56MB Download: 99054
InterVideo WinDVD Creator 3 Version: Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows 98 156.01MB Download: 99050
Rescue and Recovery 4.3 patch to fix translation issue on the Brazilian Portuguese version of Rescue and Recovery Version: Multi OS 1.53MB Download: 98874
Patch to support Firefox for Client Security Solution 8.3 Version: 1.1 Multi OS 939KB Download: 98864
Intervideo WinDVD Version: Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 2000,Windows 98 33.11MB Download: 98847

Installation Instruction of the Lenovo ThinkCentre A61 Application & Updates For Windows 98:
1. Comprehend into the folder to salvaged often the increasing file.

2. Click on the particular assembly program symbol to start out the increasing.

3. Part over the magician that could set up Lenovo ThinkCentre A61 Application & Updates For Windows 98 driver or maybe software on the desktop pc.

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