How to install desktop drivers manually for win98 winMe

If your OS is an old one like Windows 98 or ME, the device driver installing will be a bit complicated when you forsake the wizard, well it is a easy way to install the device driver with steps of the wizard.

To accomplish your job, you should click the “start” button, select the control panel from the “start menu”, then “systems” item, “device” tab.

Now there will jump out a new dialog box, you have to find out your device name and double click it. Click the “Update Driver” from the “Driver” tab, and select the “Search for a better driver”, the new dialog box will list all device types like CD-ROM, Network and so on, you should select the correct type of your device then click “next”.

Now when if your unsure of the location of the software on the disk is usually in a INF. file type. Also look in any corresponding folders for example win95 or win 98 and even drivers. Refer to your software documentation if you cant find it. Windows will also tell you if there is information about your device in the next dialog box.

All right, when you has finish steps above, select the driver file and click “OK”. If you choose the right driver file there will be a new dialog box and tell you the driver is correct, the only thing you have to do is just click the “OK”. The desktop computer will install the device driver in a few minutes later, after it will ask you to reboot your computer, then the install finished.

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