CPU-Z The Eyes of Your Desktop

The advanced desktop customers always want to know what types of components are contained in your desktop case. Without any tools, you can only see the few component models in the OS hardware attribute page, more information of hardware components is usually veiled. This situation is awful when the desktop has been reinstalled the OS, because you should have known models of components before you download and install hardware drivers. Nobody will help you except the software for gathering haredware information like CPU-Z, a tool to detect you desktop components and tell you details of them.

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The CPU-Z not only can tell you what type of cpu you are using, but also many other parameters and details, incluting steping, revision, core speed, cathe and threads. It allows you know clearly about the details of processor.

Not only the processor information is listed, mainboard, memory, SPD and gaphics information is also included. The CPU-Z supports the newest hardware and all old types of chipsets.

Download the newest version CPU-Z.

1.58 setup, english
1.58 setup, chinese
(installation, includes 32 and 64-bit binaries)

Download the CPU-Z to view the details of your desktop components, such as CPU, mainboard, memory, SPD and graphics.

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