HD Tune Test Your Desktop Hard Disk

May be the hard Disk Dive is the most fragile component of the Desktop computer, one sudden power lose can lead to a critical data disaster. Long time using of hard disk will generate bad sectors, and if you continue to use it, the number of bad sectors will increase in a fast speed, as a result, all data in the hard disk will be de damaged, leaving you the endless despairing tears.

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However, some software can help us to monitor the health state of the hard disk drive, protect your important data before the bad sectors emerge. The HD Tune is just a software for hard disk testing and health status estimating.

The HD Tune also can be used to measure the drive’s performance, scan for errors, securely erase all data and so on.

Download HD Tune Pro Free Trial and HD Tune For Personal Free.

Program       Version       Date          Filename          Filesize   
HD Tune Pro 4.61 10 May 2011 hdtunepro_461_trial.exe 1410 KB


Program       Version       Date          Filename          Filesize   
HD Tune 2.55 12 February 2008 hdtune_255.exe 628 KB

Download HD Tune Pro and HD Tune Free for Personal Use, test your hard disk and estimate the health status.

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