PassMark KeyboardTest

Game enthusiasts may particularly pay close attention to their keyboard. How do you know whether your keyboard is healthy and whether it will work well? A test software will help you. PassMark KeyboardTest is designed for testing your keyboard, each key of your keyboard you press will show in the keyboard picture on the screen.

When you buy a new keyboard, you can test it by the KeyboardTest and check that whether all keys and Keyboard LEDs work well, and offers the test results incluing the depress speed, lag time and so on.

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  • A comprehensive help file.
  • Both the down stroke and the up stroke are highlighted in different colors.
  • Measurement of the keyboard repeat and depress times.
  • Display of BIOS keyboard code and Windows scan codes.
  • Language independent testing by using BIOS scan codes.
  • Allows creation of your own custom keyboard layouts.
  • Support for up to 100 keyboards.
  • Downloadable keyboard layouts.
  • Testing of compound keys, like a “.COM” or “.WWW” key.
  • Batch mode testing (with the /b command line parameter).
  • Logging of keyboard serial numbers, operator ID and pass / fail results to disk (in batch mode).
  • Display options for testing row and column short circuits (in batch mode).
  • Ability to test for under or over-responsive keys by specifying a number of required keystrokes (in batch mode) .
  • Display options for mouse buttons. Both for mice embedded in the keyboard and external mice.
  • Support for all connector types, ( PS/2, Wireless & USB keyboards).
  • A function to flash the three keyboard LED, Num Lock, Caps lock and Scroll lock.
  • Measurement of the delay between key presses.

This software is free for 30 days trial and you can buy it at $24.00. Windows 7, windows vista, windows 2003 server, windows 2008 server, windows 2000, windows ME and windows 98 are supported by it. For installing this software requires 4MB free disk space and 16MB RAM.

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